Hello, I am Eduardo Bessa


Art can be fun, dramatic, emotional, passionate, reflective, chaos and death, creation and birth, can be complex or simple, it's like everything life has given us, after all it comes from it, it comes from life ... Let art to be a life and let living to be an art.

About Me

What is art? I keep doing that question all the time, I know its art when I see art, but what if is art and i don’t recognize it as art… Am i doing art? Am i an artist? I can think i’m doing Art but its not and i’m just an artist, but if i consider myself as an artist what i do is Art? But if the others don’t consider myself as an artist? My Artwork will be Art? The eternal question makes me keep doing more and more artworks even with all this questions, hoping one day i’ll be making art and what did it was Art.

Artworks Worldwide

Portugal, France, England, Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, Kazakhstan, Hong Kong, Australia, United States.

Happy to be in so many different places in the world in different locations and with different cultures, but hoping to reach more places and more people online and leave my signature in the world.

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