You can’t fake an arabesque

2010-19 / New Art

You can’t fake an arabesque. – Painting

It is about knowing about ourselves and about knowing about other people, it is about people we can not trust, and what we have to believe in what our feeling says, if something seems wrong it will go wrong …
And there are those people where it seems that everything is going to work out and that’s it, this is the exercise that you can not pretend, some people say they do but they do not actually do it, and after knowing them they become disappointments, perfection It is reached when you can perceive and read people whether they are true or not.
If you can strike the balance between what you feel and what you are told, it is almost like the dancer’s exercise between what she says she does and what she can do.
It’s about this and more, it’s about everything you can think of and what the canvas tells you …

Acrylic on canvas, high quality varnish, ready to hang.

Signature in front and at the back of the artwork, certificate of authenticity.

If you have any question about this or other Artwork please ask, Thanks.


Acrylic painting on Canvas


100 x 100 x 4 cm