The ephemeral life

2010-19 / New Art

The ephemeral life – Painting

First I was cleaning the atlier and removing what I no longer needed, these brushes were in very poor condition, so I decided instead to throw them out to do something with them.
They were very useful at one time, but everything in life has its life cycle, nature and our planet is all like that and we live in cycles, first being born, living, and dying.
It reminds us of our role in our life and what we are doing here, life is very ephemeral, but every thing on our planet has a different life and a time, nothing lasts forever.

Like the life of a butterfly we are part of a story that we created, which is why I wrote:
“Butterflies only live for one day, but they have a happy life.”

Acrylic on canvas, high quality varnish, ready to hang.

Signature in front and at the back of the artwork, certificate of authenticity.

If you have any question about this or other Artwork please ask, Thanks.


Mixed-media painting on Canvas


30 x 30 x 2 cm