The big round blue table, its a peaceful tight room.


The big round blue table, its a peaceful tight room. – Painting – SOLD

How do we see the future of Europe?

This is: DNA of Europe
DNA = Diversity iN Art & Europe = 28 countries

Here is what we suggest, we bring 27 Belgian Artists in contact with 27 European Artists, one from each country.
The challenge is “can we make an artwork together?”

The big blue round table , its a peaceful tight room .

This room is too tight that is not accessible to everyone and are part of a select group of ” animals ” which you can only enter and can not leave. In this room all have the right to eat, but some have more than others, and some just eat leftovers , some struggle to have the food they want. The only thing they care about are the numbers displayed on the wall, they have to continue to grow so they do not miss anything in this room, but who will suffer are the ants that will not have crumbs , some difficulties people are passing are enormous , and sometimes they look to politicians as if they were this cynical room laughing and living big giving the minimum , they care less about people and more with the numbers they want to see in the frame.

It is a satire of the most hidden aspect of Europe and of the darkest economic groups , although Europe has huge positive aspects , i wanted to portray Europe seen by those who know the social aspects of the Portuguese people and the austerity that is happening in the European Portugal , and a criticism of the Portuguese and European policies. It is a kind of kitsch painting , painted in a naive way, in a surreal and unrealistic scenario with objects out of scale and things that make no sense as if they were images of a dream or nightmare.

If you have any question about this or other Artwork please ask, Thanks.


Acrylic on Canvas.


50 H x 50 W x 4 cm