Storm in love

2010-19 / New Art

Storm in love – Painting

The initial idea was to take advantage of materials and inks that were not being used and to reuse and recycle materials and canvas.
This job was an acrylic palette that I’ve used since 2000 to do a lot of work and it had a lot of mixed paints.
It is the story of an impossible love, a broken love, a disillusionment with what I suffered, and an emotional destruction of self love, the love of art as it springs from art itself, and a shower of mixed feelings to see new love or opportunity born. A combination of the abstract and the real of a life where nightmares come true …
I used epoxy resin and glitter to make it brighter …

If you have any question about this or other Artwork please ask, Thanks.


Mixed-media painting on Plexiglas


45 x 31 x 1 cm