Oh My Gosh I Believe in Disney Stories…

2010-19 / New Art

Oh My Gosh I Believe in Disney Stories… – Painting

Once upon a time there was an E guy who met this girl Y and they started hanging out and they were happy but Y started treating this guy really bad and one day something happened and that’s when girl C shows up and E falls in love with this one C on the internet, but Y saw it all and she was always doing terrible things with E and ruining all possibilities of E and C so they wouldn’t meet … One day Y comes into his house with E and shot her in the head, as she did all the time, and because she knew E and C’s love, she took a bottle of wine and beat his heart many times to kill that love, but he didn’t die, but her heart was broken because she loved Y and she killed that love by treating him very badly. And he was very sick after that he woke up the next day and he saved his heart that was into pieces and offered her heart to C, and he finally knew that C was the goddess of love, she was the real Venus and the number one girl in the world, and the only one who can heal E, she held her heart into his chest and saved E, he was also a painter and made this story painting to be known in the world and hoping that one day C would see her painting and they finally got to know each other, after that they’ve created a new world, where love and peace are the most important things, and they lived happily ever after .

Mixed Media on PVC with epoxy resin, the pages where taken from the book: The Story of Art – E. H. Gombrich.

With Augmented Reality Art.

Signature in front and at the back of the artwork, certificate of authenticity.

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Mixed-media painting on PVC


60,5 x 81 x 1 cm